Our Goal:

To promote bicycling’s healthful and green attributes by providing Hawaii’s families and cyclists with quality goods and services, deep selection and fair prices so bicyclists can continue to enjoy the freedom and fitness that cycling provides.


Announcing our decision to close our store! Our last day of operation will be March 31, 2020. Our lease here is ending and the timing seems right. We regret that we will not be able to fill our customers’ needs down the road but we are confident that the current, long-standing bike stores in your area will keep you rolling. Please support them with your patronage. We also ask that you continue to support The Hawaii Bicycling League as they strive to make our island a safer, friendlier place to ride! Aloha kakou and mahalo for your support and patronage throughout these 109 years!

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for current sales and specials as we wind down operations.  All bikes except used or vintage are now 10% off. Parts and accessories go on sale in March. Expect close-outs in mid-March and furniture and fixtures last week of March.

Our Story:

In 1908 at the age of nineteen, Toichi Eki arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii from Yanai City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. While many of his companions on the long boat ride over headed out to the sugar plantations for work, this young Japanese immigrant was lucky to have a brother-in-law who landed him a job clearing brush for the next nine-hole expansion plan of the exclusive Oahu Country Club golf course. Eki was promoted to bus boy, then waiter and within three years had saved up enough money to launch a business venture with a relative. Noticing an increase in bicycle use among workers and students, the entrepreneurial Eki saw potential in this market and so, in classic pursuit of the American dream, he opened a small one room bicycle store on King Street – Eki’s Cyclery.

Toichi Eki and his wife Miyo went on to raise two sons and four daughters in back of the original store at King and Alapai. Back when the store was first starting out, the sale of a single tire would mean dinner for the family that night! Business gradually improved, enabling Eki to pay his $10 monthly rent promptly. He soon moved next door to a spacious shop 14 feet wide which rented for $16 a month.

The distinctive plantation-style wooden walls of the original Eki Cyclery are now long gone, but our business continues in high gear and into its third generation at 1603 Dillingham Boulevard in Kalihi.

In the mid-60’s, Toichi Eki’s son, Jack Yoshio, youngest daughter, June Setsuko and her husband Shuichi Arakawa, took over and guided our store into the business that it is today. A branch store was opened in Ala Moana Center from 1966 to 1987 and the main store moved to Dillingham Boulevard in 1971. Since 1995, our store has been managed by Jayne Kim, youngest daughter of Shuichi and June, and her husband Jay.

History runs strong in our family business. We pride ourselves in the knowledge and experience that ONE HUNDRED NINE years in the bicycle business brings. Jay has a deep knowledge of bicycles ranging from the current theories and hottest trends in mountain and road bikes to his outstanding collection of vintage Schwinn bikes. Jay is also the head mechanic and skilled wheel builder. Jayne’s forte is understanding the regular cyclist. Not interested in the latest gizmo gadget? Haven’t ridden a bike in 20 years? Jayne is the one to see. Her philosophy is regular bikes for regular people. Let her fit you on a bike and open you up to a lifetime of fitness. Rounding out our team is solid as a rock Brian, back in the saddle Wayne, and cracker-jack Bobby. We are all dedicated workers who enjoy cycling and genuinely care about our customers.

Aloha Hawaii! Thank you for your many years of patronage and for the opportunity to serve our bicycling community in our lovely fiftieth state! Hawaii no ka oi!



We are no longer accepting repairs.


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Closed for business, mahalo!